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Benefits of Rental iPads

When you rent iPads there are an unlimited array of projects they can be used for. Because of the ongoing development of applications, combined with the tablet products the way business is being done has changed.

Renting iPads vs. Outright Purchase

  • Improves Company Cash Flow by avoiding large capital outlay for equipment
  • Avoid inventory, storage, maintenance and service costs
  • Renting an iPad avoids inventory and storage issues, as well as ongoing maintenance and service fees
  • You avoid carrying monthly service fees
  • Gives YOUR client the latest without having to go over your budget

iPad Apps

We are able to load up any app you need!

Some of the common applications being loaded on iPads are:

iPad Survey

Survey Monkey

Face to face mobile surveys for data collection and information gathering.
square app


Accept credit card payments anywhere with your iPad. Great for inventory control & orders.
zkipster app


Designed for event planners & public relations managers. Ideal for event check in & registration.
voter activation network app


(Voter Activation Network)
For political campaign managers to track and manage candidates votes.
custom apps

Custom Apps

If your organization is in the process of creating an app, Oxford would be glad to assist in the development and testing stages.

Reasons to Rent Tablets for Business Events

The Apple iPad is a versatile device, and its greatest strength lies in the fact that it can be used for a wide array of projects. The developer and productivity app suite for iPad has expanded exponentially in recent years. We provide easy iPad & tablet rentals for small and large businesses.The devices can come preloaded with several useful apps for marketing and campaign managers; some of our more popular requests include:

  • Survey Monkey
  • iSurvey Square
  • Zkipster Eventbrite
  • VAN (Voter Activation Network)
  • Other Custom Apps

Our iPad rental service is great for short term uses like conducting surveys, running promotional campaigns, collecting voter opinion, organizing events and managing guest lists – the options are endless. We customize the iPads as per your individual business needs and offer 24/7 support for any issues that may come up on the hardware or software front.

If your business requires iPads for rent, contact us today for a hassle-free tablet rental service and fast turnaround time.